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A Little About Me ...

One of my goals through this is to help animals that are in need, unloved, neglected, abused or homeless, and speak up for them and be their voice and protect them. Part proceeds from sales will be going towards this with the larger plan to set up animal sanctuaries for this purpose and to raise awareness of abuse of animals that happens every day. I am a vegetarian and detest any form of animal cruelty.

Part proceeds and donations will also be going to cancer charities and research.



I lost my Father, Grandfather and other family members and friends to this dreadful and all too common disease. My Mother also had cancer at the age of 38 and survived, thank God, and is still a beautiful, strong woman today. I had a cancer scare myself which was right after the death of my Father. When Dad passed over, I had my hand on his heart and I know he is watching over me and helping me from above, along with others .. probably shaking their heads at times.

I wrote the song Do Angels Cry after Dad's death as that is how I was feeling. My beautiful Grandmother helped fund the 1st recording of this song, and she loved it and asked for it to be played at her funeral..which it was. Needless to say Do Angels Cry is a very special song to me and I hope it can help others to ease the pain a little of the passing of a loved one. They are still watching over us with love.

I was diagnosed with type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes so will be hoping to raise more awareness of this as well.

I grew up in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia, mainly on a farm. My Grandfather was a thoroughbred horse trainer and breeder so I have been riding horses, which is one of my favourite things to do, since I was a toddler. My Grandmother had a foal that followed her around and she would sit me on it, with no bridle or saddle, hands free for Nan to work as Carnation(the foal) with me aboard, followed along. What beautiful, strong, faithful animals they are. We also had cattle, sheep, pigs, chooks, dogs, cats and quite often wild rabbits..the whole bit and I have always had a close connection and bond with animals.

On my next album there is a song I wrote after the very unexpected and unexplained suicide of a very close, dear and beautiful friend. This is such a traumatic, sad and very confusing time for the people left behind and I hope this song may help others in similar circumstances and is a tribute to my mate Dale.

Also after being through the physical, mental and emotional abuse of domestic violence, I will be hoping to bring more awareness of this and help for the victims of these thoughtless, hideous crimes that are often hidden and committed in what's supposed to be in the safety of your own home.

I have done maaaany different jobs including horse riding instructor, model (photographic, fashion parades, promotional, TV commercials etc), bush timber maker, Southport meter maid (Gold Coast), truck driver, compére, spruiker, cleaner, barmaid, waitress, singing compére for live Humphrey B. Bear shows, house painter..the list goes on. So I'm very grateful to end the list with singer, songwriter, author.. Phew!

I started recording my music many years ago with great help from above. I had answered an advertisement for a job as a model in a film clip when I was in my early twenties, through which I met Rob Merlini, who is a music producer and photographer. I did various commercials and projects with him and stayed great friends for many, many years, but as it happens sometimes, lost contact.

Years later I was living in a tiny country town making bush timber products, but kept getting the urge to move to Southport..and I had no idea why..or why Southport..but I did.
About a month after I moved into a house(and I knew by now it was my Father who guided me there), I was having a conversation with my neighbour when I happened to mention Rob's name. He looked quite stunned and told me Rob Merlini lived directly across the road from me, after which I was the stunned one. I had lost contact with Rob for over 5 years and then moved in across the road from him, and to make it an even clearer sign, we later found out our Fathers had died on the same day, a year apart. I'm quite sure they were the ones helping this to happen and hence began my singing, songwriting and collaboration of music together.

A lot of things like this happen, and if we keep our heart, mind and intuition open, can experience these wonderful occurrences often.

I started writing the book years after when the title Because I Can came to me first, and the rest followed and I wanted to focus on learning from life's ups and downs, staying positive and coming out the other end.

It has taken a long time and many side roads, stumbles and obstacles to get over, round and through to get to this point. It has also been many great times and hugely rewarding to do what I love and although a long trek..well worth it. And now it has only just begun...

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Happy reading and listening. Thank you to everyone who has compassion and kindness for animals, and to each other.

Because I can

Because you can

Because we all can

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